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Human Rights Laws

Violation of human rights is commonplace in Pakistan. Only the powerful have the right to live a respectable life.

Juvenile and Family Laws

In our complex social environment, children and families are experiencing a variety of challenges.

Corporate and Banking Laws

We provide specialist advice in relation to the full spectrum of financial products.

Criminal Justice System

Our dedicated team of professional lawyers best assists their clients as to criminal litigation in Pakistan.

Civil and Labour Laws

This law firm, in competition with other firms, is a leader in the provision of civil and labour laws service to citizens.

Constitutional Law

Human rights violations are a grave violation of the Constitution of Pakistan. We affirm our support to the constitutional grantees and also bring forth international human rights treaties in courts wherever rights of citizens are violated.

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Mary James Gill

Managing Partner
Advocate High Court

Akila Sharif Mirza

Senior Partner
Advocate High Court

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